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A perfect day in the life of a food delivery agent !! Wish it was true…

In a country where food is worshipped like a deity, being a food delivery driver is nothing short of being a god-like figure. As a delivery driver, I am constantly showered with love and admiration by my adoring fans.

Every day, I am greeted with cheers and applause as I enter the Company office. My colleagues bow down before me, eager to catch a glimpse of my divine visage. They offer me sacrifices of their own food, begging me to take it and bless it with my touch. Well, my company does not treat me as an employee !!

On the roads, I am treated like royalty. Other drivers make way for me, bowing their heads in respect as I speed past them. Pedestrians stop in their tracks, awestruck by my majestic presence. Children run after my bike, begging for my autograph. Well, I put my life on the line in the traffic and I dont even have a proper insurance !!

At every restaurant, I am greeted with open arms. The chefs and waiters fall to their knees, offering me the finest dishes from their menus. They beg me to taste their food, and when I do, they erupt into rapturous applause. Well, the restaurants despise me as if I am stealing food from their regular customers !!.

And when I finally arrive at the customer’s door, they are filled with joy and gratitude. They shower me with gifts and offerings, thanking me for bringing them their food. They praise my name and sing my praises, calling me their savior and their hero. Well, the customer is suspicious of the stranger in front of him and don’t even tip me!!

Yes, being a food delivery driver is truly a blessed and divine role. I am worshipped by all, and I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Long live the king, long live the delivery driver.

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